Finding Solutions For Your Disability Issue

Decades Of Experience. Instrumental Knowledge. A Local Perspective.

Our Mission Statement: Stephenson Disability Services seeks to successfully guide each disabled person through the process of securing benefits from the Social Security Administration, sharing our experience, knowledge and concern to the fullest with every individual.

At Stephenson Disability Services, we are a local firm that you will be able to conveniently call or visit about your case. It is true that Social Security Disability is a national program, with uniform rules across the country. But unfortunately, attorneys and representatives from far flung, nationally advertised companies often end up meeting clients for the first time on the day of the hearing.

We do things differently at our office. We actively get to know you and your disability to give you the best chance of success in SSDI/SSI appeals, and we always have a knowledgeable professional on hand to talk to you. We provide Social Security Disability services throughout Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

Attorney Chad Robertson spent several years working as a personal injury litigator for a respected law firm in South Central Indiana. Court rules and processes are second nature to him. More importantly, he understands complicated medical records and evidence, and knows how to use them to build an effective argument.

Our Concern Is For You. Social Security Disability Services

For both of our disability representatives, the focus is on individuals who are faced with significant challenges in their lives. We genuinely care about ensuring that we put our clients in the best position possible to succeed. We work diligently to build a compelling case and won’t stop until we have exhausted all of your options.

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A Free Consultation Is Just A Phone Call Away. What Have You Got To Lose?

Do not hesitate to schedule your first consultation. We charge nothing unless you are awarded benefits. Our fee is 25 percent of back pay in accordance with Social Security regulations. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. What are you waiting for?

Call our offices in New Albany and Madison at 812-748-8140. You can also send us an email.