Finding Solutions For Your Disability Issue

Understanding The Social Security Disability Process

Have you been denied benefits? You are not alone, and you are not out of options. The majority of claims are denied. You have the right to appeal an adverse decision. The process can be long, but it gives us the time to gather the evidence necessary to establish your disability.

We take a local approach. Our attorney meets with you well before your scheduled hearing. We take the time to get to know you and comprehensively prepare for your appeal.

Stephenson Disability Services will tenaciously represent you throughout the appeals process. We provide honest and straightforward advice about your chances of success. We understand the disability appeals process and we will use it zealously.

When your SSDI benefits claim is denied, contact our offices in New Albany and Madison at 812-748-8140. We represent individuals throughout Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

The Appeals Process

Filing for Social Security Disability benefits is a complicated and confusing process. The paperwork alone can make you feel entirely overwhelmed. A fundamental understanding of the process and the timeline can help, but having an experienced professional on your side is the best way to increase your chances of being awarded benefits.

Below is a basic outline of the steps and average time.

  • Initial filing: The SSA will make a decision in about two to three months. The majority of claims are denied.
  • Reconsideration: You have only 60 days to file your first appeal. A decision takes approximately two to three months. Again, few claims are awarded at this level.
  • Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge: A hearing request must be filed within 60 days of the reconsideration decision. It generally takes a year to a year and a half to see the judge. Decisions are usually forthcoming within two to three months after the hearing.
  • The Appeals Council: Upon another denial, you can appeal to the Social Security Administration’s review board. A decision can take up to 14 months.
  • Federal court: Your final option for relief is to appeal to a federal court.

Concerned. Experienced. Committed To Your Case. You Pay Nothing Unless You Win.

Have you been denied? Doing nothing only guarantees that you won’t get the assistance that you need. Why not try to appeal? When we take you on as a client, we charge no fee unless you recover benefits.

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