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Where To Start With Your Supplemental Security Income Application

Dealing with federal bureaucracy is never an easy task. The process to obtain Supplemental Security Income benefits is no different. Those who have an experienced and professional firm to guide them through the process and a skilled representative at their hearings are at a distinct advantage.

At Stephenson Disability Services, you benefit from our in-depth knowledge of Social Security’s methods and processes. Our disability representative worked for the SSA for 26 years, and our disability lawyer knows how to aggressively advocate for your interests. We know how to cut through the red tape. We can assist you throughout the process to get you the benefits that you need.

We provide personalized representation to individuals throughout Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. You can reach us at our New Albany and Madison offices at 812-748-8140.

SSI Applications Are Complicated

Gathering the necessary documentation for filing your Supplemental Security Income application with Social Security can be dizzying. You must not only include necessary documentation, but it must be detailed, accurate and complete.

There is a significant amount of information that you must include in your application:

  • Personal information: This includes things like government-approved proof of age, citizenship or eligible noncitizen status, Social Security number, and the name of your spouse.
  • Medical documentation: This includes information about your treating physicians, names of current medications, medical tests and more. More importantly, your medical records must be comprehensive, detailing how your disability affects you mentally and physically in your daily life.
  • Work records: You must include detailed documentation of all sources of income, records of past employment, military service records, workers’ compensation benefits, state disability insurance benefits and more.

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We know that the disability claims and appeals process can be stressful. We anticipate that you will have a number of questions and concerns. We are patient and knowledgeable, and we don’t charge a penny unless you get the benefits you need.

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